The Caribbean Motel is a most unique, thematic, and picture-perfect setting to host your one-of-a-kind wedding!

Inspired by the lush and colorful tropics, the Caribbean offers an exotic and enchanting ambiance, offerings of gourmet cuisine through our network of guest chefs, and the friendliest support staff to serve you, your family, and friends! As you step foot on the Caribbean grounds, you and your guests will feel as though you have been transported back in both time and place to America’s magical mid-century “golden age” – and the exotic dreams and visions of Caribbean fantasy travel in the 1950s/60s!




Spend your wedding night in your very own fabulously retro luxury room with king-size bed, original Heywood-Wakefield streamline furniture, and ocean view! Enhance your experience by reserving all 30 guest rooms, each with tropical flair and Mid-Century Modern decor, and invite your family and friends to indulge in a timeless technicolor tropical fantasy! The next morning, as husband and wife, awaken to greet your guests at breakfast around the unique crescent shaped pool that’s always heated & sparkling clean!




The Caribbean is the most adventurously designed of the Doo Wop motels remaining in The Wildwoods, NJ. Located across Ocean Ave. from the widest beach in North America, the Caribbean features a curved, levitating ramp to the second floor; the “floating” Cabana room with canted-glass walls for ocean views and leopard upholstered sofas and easy chairs for “chilling out” and socializing; and plenty of interesting lines, angles, and colors to treat your eyes.




It’s particularly romantic at night when the multi-colored lights and bold baby-blue neon sign bathe the futuristic tropical scene and shimmer across the pool. The Caribbean also has the distinction of being the first to “plant” the plastic palm trees that are now one of the most iconic symbols of Wildwood.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the first and only motel to be inducted into Historic Hotels of America, the motel’s current owners, who purchased the property in 2004, have worked tirelessly ever since to restore and re-create the authentic period-inspired features that make the Caribbean so pleasant and photogenic – just as it was intended to be when it opened in 1957!

There is a great blending of old and new at the Caribbean making it perfect for those who love the past (cool architectural designs, Shuffleboard!) but appreciate the amenities of the present (flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi, and non-smoking rooms!).

The Caribbean will delight your guests from the moment they park their cars. Memories of all kinds are made (and re-lived) here – why not add yours?


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