A visit from Brooklyn-based photographer Tonje Thilesen


A visit from Brooklyn-based photographer Tonje Thilesen

Tonje Thilesen is a Brooklyn-based photographer whose work has been featured in Pitchfork, VICE, and Vogue Italia. Sparked by a fascination with suburban America, she uses her lens to document the mid-century architecture that defined the culture.

A production team from The Creator Class visited Tonje on set at the Caribbean Motel (along with model Caitlin Frame from The Drums) to chat about keeping subjects comfortable and the importance of a close creative community.

Hear Tonje talk about her love of Wildwood, using the Caribbean Motel as a “vacation look” backdrop, while talking about her process for directing photography and getting the most out of her subjects.

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Tonje Thilesen on making people comfortable as a director and sharing resources as a DIY community (TheCreatorClass.com)

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